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Since 1998

Apple Mortgage has been locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs since 1998.  We strive to provide a high level of service to help make the mortgage loan process as smooth as possible.

Low Rates

Our winning strategy is simple, offer lower interest rates combined with great service. We save you money and we win more business.

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Save Money

We can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan by getting you a lower rate,  lower payment and lower closing cost.

Home Loan Programs

VA Home Loan

If you have Veteran / VA Benefits? Take advantage of the  VA Home Loan Program!

With the VA Loan you can purchase a home and receive many money-saving benefits that are simply not available with a conventional home loan. (Click for More Info)

We offer Low Rates on VA home loans in Colorado Springs

Conventional Loan

  • 5% or more down payment required
  • Requires good credit scores
  • Will allow a gift as your down payment
  • With 20% down - NO PMI
    PMI can be waived when you have 20% ​equity

We offer Low Rate on Conventional Loans in Colorado Springs

FHA Loan

  • Low Down Payment - 3.5% is usually required
  • Will accept lower credit scores than a conventional loan
  • Will allow down payment assistance programs
  • Great Option for first time home buyers
  • Lower interest rates than a conventional mortgage
  • Does require monthly PMI

We offer Low Rates on FHA Loans in Colorado Springs